One of the knitting related christmas presents I got was a membership in Koftan & Eddys Garn- och Sjalklubb, which is a collaboration between two swedish bloggers and knitwear designers/yarn dyers. In this membership you get four packages during the year, all of them with exclusive hand dyed yarns and new patterns of some kind of shawl or scarf. The first package was scheduled just around christmas to make it perfect to give away (or receive hehe…). You could choose between two different color scales, “sober” or “sprallig” and I got “sober”.
(At this point I’d like to point out that the swedish word “sober” does not mean the same thing as the english one. In swedish it’s more like subdued in a tasteful way. An online dictionary translates it to austere. “Sprallig” translates to effervescent or frisky.)


The first shawl is one with a winter theme, Vintra. It’s made with a beautiful dark ink blue baby alpacka which feels like petting clouds, and the details are in 100% silk. It also included some beads in a cute box, fishing line for placing them and a piece of super-tasty chocolate *-*
I used 4 mm needles and it knit up pretty quickly, two or three days. The pattern will be up for purchase in 6 months at the ravelry page and here is my project page.
I think I will be using this like the last picture shows, when it gets a bit warmer since it’s almost too wide to just have thrown over your shoulders.

How would you wear it?



vertices unite

It’s time for one of my christmas presents! This one is Stephen West design aswell, just like the Exploration Station. I gave it to my brother for christmas and it seems to have been a perfect fit!
It matches his colors and style really well, and since his girlfriend wanted to steal it I think that she approved of it too. I used the Pickles Pure Thin Alpaca and 3,5 mm needles.

There are some more pictures on my ravelry page but you have to go there to see them – they’re far too bad to post here!



What do you think?

exploration station

During november in 2014 the designer Stephen West had a MKAL, a mystery knitalong in which I participated.

Since a lot of my clothes are black and grey I thought it would be fun to challenge myself and chose to make a more colorful piece. Since I didn’t know how it would turn out the placement of the colors were fairly random, and if I was to do it anew I might have placed them differently. Since I finished the shawl I’ve worn it about every time I’ve left the house, and a lot of people have given me compliments for it so it seems I made the right decision to choose such fun colors! What do you think?
As you can see, it was quite windy when i had it photographed but I think it gives it a quirky vibe!

You can find the pattern here, the yarn I used here and more Stephen West designs here!


click to get to the projects ravelry page



stickat halsband

This is a translation of the Cable Braided Necklace pattern by OLGAJAZZY. The original is in english and since it’s a really cute pattern and people were requesting it in swedish so I thought – why not? I e-mailed the designer and got permission to translate the pattern into swedish.

Igår såg jag ett fint mönster på ett stickat (ja, stickat!) halsband i en stickgrupp på facebook. Jag föll för det med en gång, då det både var enkelt och snyggt och när folk frågade efter ett mönster på svenska mailade jag designern och frågade om det var okej att jag gjorde en översättning och fem minuter senare hade jag ett glatt jakande svar i inboxen!
Observera att jag alltså inte äger detta mönster, men har fått tillåtelse att översätta det av designern.
Bilderna är däremot mina, och om de är otydliga kan man titta på originalbilderna här.


Tidsåtgång: 1,5 – 2 timmar, plus torktid
Masktäthet: 6 maskor och 7-8 rader per 2,5*2,5 cm (eller 24 maskor och 28-32 rader per 10*10 cm) i slätstickning
Stickor: 3,5 mm
Garn: 15-20 gram i kvaliteten som ger rätt stickfasthet. I mönstret står “fingering” eller “sport” som är olika kategorier inom garnkvaliteter.

Se till att välja ett fint mjukt garn. Prova gärna hur det känns mot halsen innan du börjar sticka – du vill ju inte göra ett halsband du måste ta av dig med en gång för att det kliar eller skaver!
Det färdiga halsbandet blir ungefär 56 cm långt och görs av två stickade remsor.

Första remsan:
Lägg upp 9 maskor.
Börja med ett avigt varv och sticka sammanlagt 7 varv slätstickning.
Nästa varv (rätsidan): 4 räta maskor, omslag, 2 räta tillsammans, 3 räta maskor. (9 maskor på stickan)
Repetera de senaste 8 varven 15 gånger till. (sammanlagt 16 gånger, tills du har gjort 16 “hål”)
Sticka 15 varv slätstickning och maska av.

Andra remsan:
Lägg upp 9 maskor.
Börja med ett avigt varv och sticka sammanlagt 15 varv slätstickning.
Nästa varv (rätsidan): 4 räta maskor, omslag, 2 räta tillsammans, 3 räta maskor. (9 maskor på stickan)
Sticka sedan 7 varv slätstickning.
Repetera de senaste 8 varven 15 gånger till. (sammanlagt 16 gånger, tills du har gjort 16 “hål”)
Maska av.

Tvätta eller ånga remsorna så att maskorna och fibrerna lägger sig som du vill, och följ sedan denna fotoguide för att fläta ihop dem.


De båda remsorna med uppläggningsändarna åt samma håll.


För in remsan med den längre ändbiten i det första omslaget på remsan med den korta ändbiten.


För ner den övre remsan i omslaget på den undre remsan (det första omslaget på remsan med den längre ändbiten).


Fortsätt att föra in den övre remsan (de båda remsorna växlar mellan vilken som är över och under) i nästa omslag, och var uppmärksam så att du inte missar några omslag. Du kan också behöva rätta till dem så att de lägger sig snyggt under tiden.


Fäst alla lösa trådar och sy på en fin knapp eller annan låsmekanism! Klart!




First, I present a soundtrack for this post!



I made a zombie! He’s a present for my mom.


Click the picture to get to the ravelry page!

I think he looks a bit like RiffRaff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, doesn’t he? I found him in a book at my local library, Make Your Own Zombie by Fiona Goble, but When researching I also found the pattern online for free here! I really enjoyed the book and I’ve gone back to borrow it again but it is always lent out, which I totally understand. There are a couple of different monster/zombie patterns in the book, and some tips on how you can match the different pieces to create even more cute little monsters!

They are also made with (if you want to, of course) buttons and velcro so that if you’re really angry and need to take it out on something you can rip this little guy apart! I was thinking of making his clothes in red christmas but I didn’t have the time, but maybe next (well.. actually this) year. I’d really love another zombie santa. Zombie Claus!
Here are some more pictures!


click for a larger image




click for a larger image


What do you think? Would you knit a zombie?


a new year, a new effort

Happy new year!

With all the christmas knitting and other holiday stuff out of my way I have much more time for fun knitting (’cause you know… christmas knitting…) and this blog in progress!
I’m planning to post the presents as I feel like it but I’m not sure I got good pictures of everything I made or really – of ANYTHING since winter is pretty dark up here i Scandinavia and we don’t have a lot of daylight. All the presents will be tagged using the christmas present tag.

This last time after christmas and after new year I’ve spent most of my time with netflix and knitting, and I guess that’s what I’ll be doing, except for the occasional coffee with a friend, until january 19, when school starts. I’ve finished the knitting on my Siri, knitted in my in ear headphones (now they don’t tangle! Yay!) and picked up a project I started in september. This project gave me a lot of headaches when I started it but now that I really put my mind to it I figured it out. At least I think I did. It’s a slow project with many parts and a gazillion ends to weave in but it’s going to be finished. Soon. We’ll see, and I’ll keep you posted!

christmas hiatus

I’m not sure that I’m “allowed” to call this a hiatus since I’ve barely started this blogging project. I am really enthustiastic about this, but right now I can’t even allow myself to embroider the header I’ve designed for the blog until all the christmas presents are done.

At least I’m starting to see the light in the end of the tunnel. I have 1,5 mittens left, 1 sock and a little remaking of a early-finished project from some months back. And I promise you that I will post pictures and links to the patterns of all the things I’m gifting!

Bare with me! <3

getting my fix

It only took a couple of hours after writing the last post before I went through my stash and ravelry favourites and cast on a new project, and wow, I really needed this.
I chose a cardigan that’s been all the craze in my facebook group lately, but I think that it’s been avaliable since 2013. It is a very beautiful pattern. It’s quite simple but so neatly perfected that you can’t stop yourself from loving it. The cardigan is called Siri and is made by designer Linnéa Öhman.


Siri made by Ravelry user Majanen

hat day

Right now I’m in the middle of Christmas knitting, and I’ve been feeling the stress creeping up on me this last week. Even though I might be able to finish all my planned projects – they don’t really excite me, but I’ll try to do a couple more. I know that it will be worth it when I see my family opening their presents on Christmas Eve. I just know it. *trying to convince myself*
The present that worries me is the one for my dad. Even though it’s easier to knit for him than to buy something I’m really blanking. I made him a hat, but he got that one for father’s day and I don’t want to give him another one just 1½ month later. I’m thinking of mittens but I haven’t found The Pattern. They are either too embellished or too plain, and it feels like I’ve been looking through all of ravelry.

Anyway. I’m in a knitting group on facebook that arranges online “knitting cafés” every sunday and yesterday the theme was hats, because apparently it was the International Hat Day. Since I planned on making another of the hat I made for father’s day, but this time for my uncle this was a great opportunity to get started.
The pattern is called Blue Star Beanie and the first one I made from the first yarn I ever made and some reflecting thread. This time I’m making it from a yarn I actually found on ebay (this might be a topic for another post) with merino, if I recall it correcly, and using bamboo needles in 3,5 mm.
I really enjoy this pattern. It looks good and it’s logical and easy to remember. It knits up fairly quickly, at least if you don’t use uneven homespun and have a good cable needle (this might go without saying for most people but it took me a while to understand that mine had a snag…).


This is the hat made from the homespun!


Also, what’s that paper thingie around the yarn called in english?





This is me. My name is Johanna. I learned how to knit and crochet when I was a child, made a couple of hats in when I was fourteen but it wasn’t until the end of 2013, at the age of 21 when I really started knitting for real.

At the time I had just gone through a great ordeal which left me in a really dark place and I stayed in bed for a couple of months, watching a lot of television. I noticed that almost every american tv-home had a crocheted afgan thrown over the couch (now that you know this you’ll see them EVERYWHERE, I promise) and for the first time in what felt like a very long time I wanted to do someting. I wanted to crochet. Being a ’90s child I quickly turned to the internet and found my peers on facebook and ravelry and I discovered the versatility of knitting and I got hooked (ha!). The rest is history.

I was one of those people that didn’t know things like lace, fair-isle and brioche knitting were difficult for a beginner so I did them anyway and was fairly successful. Like I said, I started knitting in the winter of 2013, which is about a year ago today so I’m still a beginner, but during this year I have also started spinning on both spindle and wheel and I have always been interested in different sorts of crafts and I hope that this will translate into this blog. Some periods I sew a lot, sometimes I make jewellery or do cross-stitching and I really like learning new skills. This is my attempt to inspire and be inspired. And maybe practice my english a bit :)