no episode tomorrow

Just a little announcement!
My mom fell and broke her arm this friday. At first I though it was a cruel aprils fools joke but it wasn’t. Due to this I have to (or rather want to) be with her at my parents house and help her whenever I have some extra time and won’t have the time to record this week.

I will try to record when I can but I might try to plan a new podcasting schedule, since tueday is a pretty weird day to record anyway when you have other obligations like I do :)

That’s it!

Be well and craft!

Xx Johanna


Hi and welcome to the fourth episode of my podcast about knitting, spinning and sloyd in general

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About  my week:
These last weeks have mostly been about school, but over easter me, my boyfriend and my parents went up to our summer house in middle sweden. We went to Hallagården, where we also got to take a walk with alpacas.

What I’m wearing:
I’m not wearing anything handmade today.

Recently Finished:
I’ve worked on a lot of projects but nothing is completely finished.

What I’m Working on:
I have finished the knitting on the Learn to Knit a Mens Sweater pattern by Staci Perry in the yarn Karisma from Drops. I still have to sew one sleeve, block it and sew in the zipper.

I have cast on the Ulli dress in supersoft by magasin duett, here in the colour Purple Haze.

I misremembered the name! The bubble sweater is another pattern by pickles, and the one I’m working on is V for genser though it has alot of bubbles on it :)

I’m also knitting a tiny alpaca by Anna Hrachovec. It still needs legs and three more friends :)

Dream Project/Future Project:
I’m on my way out to pick up yarn for a Sólja by Anna Maltz, and I generated a pattern  from a band logo using stitch fiddle. My boyfriends bands facebookpage can be found here and here’s a link to their spotify :)


Stash enhancement:
Alpaca fluff from Titus and angora fluff in mint.


Other crafts:
I carved out a little bird which unfortunately cracked and I did some preparations for making alpacas. I also talked a bit about what you can think about when carving wood, but one very important thing I forgot to mention is that you always need to check what the law says about  choppingdown trees or taking wood in your country.
Please let me know what you think, subscribe and tell all your friends about the podcast! <3


Hello! This is the third episode of my podcast about knitting, spinning and sloyd in general

This week I won’t put so much text in the video, because it’s so time consuming for me, but please let me know if you need it! I understand if my pronounciations can be a bit hard to understand :)
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What I’m wearing:
I’m wearing Baristakoftan/the barista cardigan from Älskade Kofta / My favourit cardigans to knit by Birgitta Forslund. My project page here. Find it in English on Amazon here. The yarn is Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk in Coral.

Recently Finished:
Except for the Barista Cardigan, which I finished in three (!) days, I also finished one sock, which of course needs a partner, and I knit the Henry’s Bunny by Sara Elizabeth Kellner, a freebie on ravelry.

2016-03-15 12.31.42

What I’m Working on:
I am working on the romantically named Learn to Knit a Mens Sweater pattern by Staci Perry in the yarn Karisma from Drops, in their dark brown color. The stitch  marker is from the etsy shop newagespinning.

Dream Project/Future Project:
I’m preparing to knit the Ulli dress I spoke of in episode 2. I’m using the recommeded yarn from magasin duett in a dark purple.

Youtube video on hackling. I used the same techique

2016-03-15 12.30.54

Other crafts:
I talked about the Bohus star / Bohusstjärna.

About my week:
I bought the knitted alpaca from the company Knätofs. We went to Smart Textiles and Textilhögskolan i Borås/Swedish School of Textiles.

A Swedish word:
Brioche – Patent
Brioche knitting – Patentstickning

Due to schoolwork I might not podcast next week, but there are more episodes coming! <3


Hello and welcome to the second episode of my podcast!


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What I’m wearing:
I’m wearing League from Brooklyn Tweed in Engleuld by Tusndfryd, bought from Majas Manufaktur. My ravelry project page can be found here.
I’m sorry I misspoke! The provisional cast on is not by Ysolda Teague but can be foud here.

Recently Finished:
I finished my League sweater and I am showing my second Exploration Station.

What I’m Working on:
I am working on my vanilla hand dyed socks and am now in the middle of the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I also just started Baristakoftan from Älskade Kofta (“My favourite cardigans to knit”) in Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk. Project page here.
I mentioned my (link here) Swallowtail shawl.

Dream Project/Future Project:
I’m going to knit the “Learn to Knit a Mens Sweater” pattern by Staci Perry in the yarn Karisma from Drops.
I also spoke of a beatiful dress that will be released soon. Look at the dress here.


Other crafts:
I finished a little crocheted sloth. Pattern here.

2016-03-02 18.48.19

About my week:
I got all my information from lectures and handouts in swedish. I mention the Bohus tradition (Bohus stickning) and Bohus virkning. I also mentioned Maria from the Stitched in Sweden podcast

A Swedish word:
Att virka – To crochet

The article from last week:
D.D.I.Y – Don’t do it yourself by Lisa Anne Auerbach


Hello and welcome to my new podcast!



First of all, please give me feedback! Would you like to hear the sometime academic and sometimes anecdotal perspective on crafts and the cultural heritage of Sweden?
I would also love some fun ideas for the names of the segments!
After watching the episode myself I notice I’m a bit fidgety but I’m sure that’s something that will get better if I continue with the podcast :)

Also please let me know if you want me to create a ravelry group! <3


What I’m wearing:
I’m wearing the Stonecutter pullover by Michele Wang and Brooklyn Tweed. The yarn is from Magasin Duett, her Mohair Tweed. Ravelry project page here.

Recently Finished:
I recently finished the Stonecutter Pullover and my second Exploration Station, but I’ll show that in a later episode.

What I’m Working on:
V for Sweater and Posh Blouse from Pickles in their recommended yarn, League from Brooklyn Tweed in Engleuld, and some socks, I’m sorry but I couldn’t find the picture we used as inspiration. I mentioned the Fish Lips Kiss Heel.

Dream Project/Future Project:
Hoodie Shawl Cardigan by Susanne Sommer, inspired by Mina of the knitting expat podcast. Maybe in my own handdyed yarn. What would you match it with?

I spun from fibers bought at Hallagården, and with a spindle from newagespinning, I bought the mini.

Not much to say here!

Other crafts:
Crochet Bunny by Alicia Paulson. The yarn is  drops baby merino. Ravelry page here.
Tiny dog from this book.

A Swedish word:
Att sticka – To knit

The article:
D.D.I.Y – Don’t do it yourself by Lisa Anne Auerbach

all cables

It seems that right now every new thing I like on ravelry has cables. I guess I’m in that mood now and I just HAD to make something cabled.

Fortunately both me and my cute little boyfriend needed new hats for winter so I sat him down and made him choose which pattern he wanted. He was’t completely sure about the yarn when we ordered it online but since I also needed a hat and had chosen a pattern with the same yarn weight I gave him the possibility to make his hat in “my” yarn instead. Lucky for me, he fell in love with the one we chose for him and I get my own!

First out is Fredriks hat!
The pattern is a free one on ravelry, and the yarn is Esquel, a super cozy one with 60/20/20 of merino, silk and llama fibers from Louisa Harding.
This was such a fun knit that I finished it in two relatively short sittings over two days!
You can find my ravelry project page here.



Next up is my own hat! I haven’t finished it yet but I’m already in love with both the yarn and the pattern. I’m using a regular Cascade 220 Heathers, and this pattern is also a free one, from Purl Soho. My ravelry project page is here and I will be posting more photos there after finishing! For now you get to see my work in progress.





Which one is your favourite cabled pattern?

I’m back!

I’ve been doing quite the amout of knitting since, well… July, but work and school got in the way of blogging, so here are some photos of some of the things I’ve made. I hope to be abled to blog more from now on. Otherwise I will just blog when I blog.

Hitofude. Ravelry link here




Azalea. Ravelry link here











Somra. Ravelry link here.








Lange. Ravelry link here


DSC_4926-1 DSC_4934-2





This is Siri. I knit her last year, partly on my way to and from Karlskrona where I want with my friends on a trip one weekend, so she’s got many happy memories between her stitches. Unfortunately the yarn is almost too soft so she hasn’t got the right structure I want and I needed to sew in a grosgrain ribbon. My first grosgrain ribbon. It’s not very nicely sewn but at least I can wear her now. She is very pretty so at least it’s worth it and I have a second one on the needles right now, but this time in better yarn but I’ll show that one when it’s finished! I hope it turns out better, this is such a disappointment.



She is a top down cardigan, knit on 4 mm needles and the buttons I found in my mothers drawer with old buttons.

Pattern: Siri by Linnéa Öhman (In english!)
Yarn: Unknown :(
Ravelry project page: Here








This january I knit up this beautiful sweater. For christmas I had gotten a gift card at, a swedish yarn site and this yarn is part of what I got. In total I used 5 skeins of Cascade 220 fingering. Or maybe not 5 complete skeins but I still needed the whole fifth for the grey. This sweater is a bottom up knit and it was sooo fun to knit that I completed it in less than two weeks of evening time knitting. It’s too hot to wear it in July even in Sweden but it is one of my favourite sweaters and I really love the top part and how it’s perfect at the shoulders and not too tight around the body.


Pattern: Stasis Pullover by Leila Raabe
Yarn: Cascade 220 Fingering in Sage and Charcoal
Ravelry project page: Here


I’m thinking of using this pattern to make more sweaters, maybe with another pattern around the yoke. Maybe for my current Tour de Fleece spinning project?

What do you think? Do you like it?

whiz palace



I’ve moved so of course I needed a sign on my bathroom door, so I saw this pattern on pinterest and threw it together. Now I’ve made a lot more cross stitch patterns, and I haven’t knit for maybe a week! Whats going on? The sign references an episode of Parks and Recreation.

2015-05-07 18.32.08


Another small cross stitch I made was for my dads’ 60th birthday in the middle of april. It’s a portrait of the family :)

I got my inspiration on pinterest but changed the clothes and hair to match us! I put it on some thick paper and made a nice card but I didn’t get the opportunity to take a good picture.

2015-04-13 18.04.06

fluffy swallowtail

I’ve had this lovely yarn lying around for ages. You know that skein that just screams BUY ME  when you see it and you have no doubt in your mind that you just NEED it in your stash? This was one of those. And one of those who just lie there and you have no idea what to make of it. I found it while moving and felt a bit of guilty, since I noticed how much yarn I actually own and this was far too nice to sleep with the acrylics :s
I challenged myself to make something of it and I have to say that I think I succeeded. I chose the very popular Swallowtail Shawl, which is a free pattern on ravelry and it has over 11000 (!) projects at the moment and now after making it myself I can really see why. I really really enjoyed knitting this even though I’m not a super fan of nupps. It knit up very quickly and this might be the only pattern I have ever wanted to cast on a new the second I finished the first one! And you know what? I did too. But I haven’t had time to photograph that one yet so maybe you’ll see that another time or maybe never. Only time will tell. But for now let’s focus on the fluffy one.


The yarn I used was Pickles Silk Mohair in color Barbie, and you can find my project page here. It’s 80% mohair and 20% silk and I used 3,5 mm needles (us 4).
Since I am neither a lace nor mohair nor pink person I had no idea what to do with the finished shawl – it was only process knitting, but my mom gave me the idea to give it to my new neighbor (or well, I’m the new neighbor) who lives in the apartment below mine. Since my apartment was super gross when we bought it we had to do alot of renovating, especially in the bathroom with a lot of drilling and other loud machines, which might have disturbed this nice 80+ lady quite a bit, plus she seems to have the style to pull off a pink fluffy shawl so I think this is a perfect person to give it to, don’t you? :)





Ah, such a fitting name – these last days have been very Austen-y. I’ve been watching movies based on her books and I’ve actually ordered a collection since I have to admit I’ve never read even one of them! Though I have seen a live production of Sense and Sensibility.

2015-02-28 16.44.43-4
Anyways. The owner of this quite beautiful name (though the meaning might not be as nice) is the pattern of a garter stitch shawl with a lace border. When I looked at the pattern pictures I coudn’t really figure the lace edge out and I have to admit that I still don’t get it even now when it’s finished. I don’t think this was good pattern at all, simply because it wasn’t very harmonious to work. I had to make this shawl in a time crunch and if I hadn’t I would have frogged an chosen another pattern. Fortunately the entirety of it looks good enough for me.

So far this is the largest project I’ve made with homespun yarn! The minute I saw this roving I fell in love with its’ summery but still icy look and when I bought this dress I knew I had to make something to match with it. Since I only hade a finite amount of the roving I wasn’t able to make it as big as the pattern read but thanks to my superb math skills I figured it out and could make the lace with the stitches I had and the size was good enough after blocking.

The yarn is in a merino and silk blend, I think it was 70/30 but I might be wrong. I bought it on a little farm nearby Örebro here in Sweden. If you for some reason want to make your own persuasion you can find the pattern here and a link to my ravelry project page here.

My brother helped me to take some pictures. He’s good with a camera but you know how it gets when a non-knitter takes pictures of knitting. They care way too much about the face.

2015-02-28 16.43.03-1


2015-02-28 16.43.25-2-3


2015-02-28 16.43.07-2

Peace out!



Yeah, when a blogger uses the date as a title you know that they are really low on creativity. At least it this doesn’t affect my knitting very much at the moment. Actually it might be that I use up all my creativity on other things.

A lot of things has happened in the last couple of weeks and I feel like I’m in some kind of limbo. I started studying to become a teacher but after one day I felt this nagging feeling that it wasn’t the right thing for me and after a week I quit completely. So now I’m out looking for a job, and polishing my CV and such. But at the same time as this went down me and my parents was out apartment hunting for me! We found one, bid on it and won! YAY! It’s in need of some renovating before I can move in but we hope that we’ll receive the keys in a week or so and then we can start tearing out the bathroom.
Due to this I spend sooo much time pinteresting interesting ways to decorate my upcoming new home, and it feels like I know everything they sell at IKEA at the moment.

I can’t wait to get started. I’ll keep you posted on the progress (and when it starts!) and in the meantime I’m playing around with my camera and some different lenses.



And maybe my spinning needs some approvement aswell


Also, I made a hat to wear as protection when I paint. We have to repaint every wall and ceiling. I’m so excited :D

(even though it might not show in this particular picture)


me late in the evening with a dirty mirror


I cast on 80 stitches on 5 mm needles, knit some rounds 2*2 ribbing, stockinette until 10 cm (4″) and then decreases on every other row in a crappy acrylic yarn from the bottom of my stash.


Since I’m half in the middle of packing up my shit for the move it’s really hard to photograph my latest FO but I do have a couple of nice things in store for you!

louise belcher

Last weekend I was home sick, and spent the appropriate amount of time binge watching tv series. One show I really enjoy is Bob’s Burgers, so naturally I went on ravelry to see what they had on the subject and I found these fantastic amigurumis of the Belcher kids. I looked through my crocheting cotton and found the right colors for the Louise doll, who also happens to be my favourite.
I haven’t crocheted since last summer so it was a fun contrast to all the knitting.


I honestly have no idea what yarn I used but it’s a 4 mm crochet hook and the single Louise pattern can be found here, or all three kids here.




Sorry for the blurry pictures! It didn’t show on the camera display.


What do you think? Do you like Bob’s Burgers?


metallic glitter

In December, the Knitmore Girls had a drive on instagram that they called “25 days of enabling” where they collaborated with alot of different etsy and webshops and had great deals on knitting (and spinning) related stuff every day ’til christmas.

This is where I found what I believe could be the most perfect yarn made. At least right now, when I’m in a very glittery period. The yarn was this silver and gold glittering self-striping sock yarn with 84% sw merino, and the rest sparkly nylon. The most amazing thing with this yarn is that it’s gold glitter on the gold parts, and silver glitter on the silver parts. How do you even spin or dye that?!
I actually don’t remember what the deal was, but I woudn’t have cared if I had to pay full price. And another great thing is that I have about 40 grams left.

The yarn is In My Element by Turtlepurl Yarns.

The yarn was delivered in two small skeins so the striping would match on both socks


Look at that glittery goodness!



I was taught not to photograph in direct sunlight but maybe this is where I should have made an exception to the rule. It looked so pretty with the glittering snow together with the socks, but I still like the picture even though it doesn’t come through!


Speaking of the Knitmore Girls! I really really enjoy their podcast. It’s a mother and daughter, and sometimes even the granddaughter gets a word in the end, and they have a very interesting, funny and informative podcast about mostly knitting, but also some sewing and spinning. Like with every podcast out there you might need a few episodes to get their dynamic and get to know them but when you do it’s like they’re some of your closest friends. They put out new episodes every week and have good audio quality (if you are like me and care about that ;) ).