vinterkyla mkal – en


Mönstret finns tillgängligt på Svenska HÄR.

I originally designed this pattern for a Swedish facebook group about knitting.

This MKAL is for a sock pattern. They are knit in two colours, and have sections of stranded knitting. They are knit from the top and down, and the pattern will be released in four parts, one each sunday of advent, which means the following days

27 november
4 december
11 december
18 december

The pattern is written in two sizes. Choose your size depending on the width of your foot and instep rather than the length of the foot. Most important is that you try on the sock several times when you knit it so that you are certain that you’re able to get it over your heel.

Yarn: Two colours of fingering weight yarn. I recommend 50 grams of Colour 1 (C1) and 100 grams of Colour 2 (C2)
Gauge: 32 stitches/10 cm (4”) of stockinette
Needles: 2,5 mm dpns or the size you need to get gauge.

The pattern is for free and you can make as many pairs as you want for yourself and your near and dear, but you are not allowed to re-publish the pattern or any translations of it, though you are very welcome to link to it. You are not allowed to sell the pattern or any products made from it. You are not allowed to profit from the patterns in any way. If you have any questions you are very welcome to email me or comment below.


Clue 1, Cuff and Leg
Cast on 56(64) sts using C1. Join to knit in the round, but make sure not to twist the work! If you want to you can markdiagramaen the beginning of your round with a piece of scrap yarn, or you can just use the tail from the cast on as a marker.

Begin your sock with [K1, P1] through the rounds until it measures 6 cm/ around 2,25 inches. DO NOT BREAK C1.

Join C2 and *K7(8), M1* until the end of the round. You now have 64(72) sts.

Follow Diagram A for 8(9) repeats, around the sock. Begin in the lower right corner of the diagram.

Break C1 once you have finished the diagram.
Knit with C2 in stockinette stitch until the sock measures 16 cm/ around 6,25 inches from the cast on edge.

Clue 2, Heel

PM: Place Marker
SM : Slip Marker to the other needle
SSK : Slip, Slip, Knit. Left leaning decrease
K2TOG: Knit 2 Together. Right leaning decrease
P2TOG: Purl 2 Together. Left leaning decrease
Ktbl: Knit Through the Back Loop.

Knit 16(18) stitches in C2

(This centres the jog in the previous beginning of the rounds. If you are using magic loop, you can ignore this previous row and just start with the next instruction)

Turn to work a wrong side row. The heel is knitted flat over your previous 32(36) sts, in C1. DO NOT BREAK C2

Row 1 (WS): Slip first stitch with the yarn on the front of work, purl 31(35), turn.

Row 2 (RS): *Slip stitch with the yarn on the back of the work, k1*, repeat until end of row, turn.

Repeat these two rows 15(17) times more. You have worked them a total of 16(18) times.

Knit Row 1 once more.

Heel turn:
Slip 1 stitch, K17(19), SSK, K1, turn
Slip 1 stitch, P5, P2TOG, P1, turn
Slip 1 stitch, K6, SSK, K1, turn
Slip 1 stitch, P7, P2TOG, P1, turn

That is, K (or P) to 1 stitch before the little gap, then decrease using one stitch from each side of the gap, work one stitch and turn. Continue in the same way until you have worked trough all of the stitches, On the last two decrease rows, you won’t be able to work the last stitch after the decrease just turn instead.

18(20) heel stitches left. K 18(20).

Break C1 and return to C2 where you left it. This is you new beginning of round. You can mark this place with some scrap yarn. From now on the sock will be knitted in the round again.

Knit 32(36). Pick up one stitch in the little gap before the heel flap, and then pick up 16(18) stitches on the side of the heel flap, K18(20), then pick up 16(18) stitches on the other side of the heel flap, and one more stitch in the little gap after the heel flap. 84(94) sts.

K 32(36). K11(12) tbl, PM, K6(7)tbl, K18(20), K6(7)tbl, PM, K11(12)tbl.
Knitting through the back loop minimizes the risk of gaps where you picked up the stitches. You should have 30(34) stitches between the markers, on the underside of the foot.

NOTE: Next round is different depending on your size.

Next round, smaller size: K32, SSK, [P1,K1] until one stitch before marker, P1, SM, K30, SM, [P1, K1] until 3 sts before end of round, P1, K2TOG

Next round, larger size: K36, SSK, [K1, P1] until marker, SM, K34, SM, [P1, K1] until 2 sts before end of round, K2TOG

Work one round in the established pattern, that is knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. The decreases should be knitted.

Decrease round: K32(36), SSK, work in established pattern until 2 sts remain of the round (SM when you pass them), K2TOG

Repeat the last two rounds until you have 64(72) sts left, that is until only 1 stitch remains “above” each marker.

Clue 3, Foot

Knit 3 rounds in C2, and the follow Diagram B1(B2) for your size on the top of the foot (note that there is a different amount of stitches between the patterns in the larger size). The bottom of the foot is knitted with the following instructions along the entire Diagram

[K1 in C2, P1 in C1] 8(9) times, [P1 in C1, K1 in C2] 8(9) times. Some rows in the diagram are knit entirely in C2. On those rounds, you can make the ribbing entirely in C2, to avoid having to manage the floats.

Diagram B1

Diagram B2

Knit in stockinette in C2 until the sock reaches the beginning of your little toe, when the fabric is slightly stretched.

Clue 4, Toe

Follow Diagram C1(2) on both the top and the bottom of the sock. On row 4, you start the decreases for the toe and knit the following

[K1, SSK, knit according to pattern until 3 sts of the diagram is left, K2TOG, K1] on bott the top and the bottom of the sock.

Repeat this decrease row every other round until you have 32(36) sts left in total.

Repeat the decrease row every round until you have 16(18) sts left, that is 8(9) sts on the top and 8(9) sts on the bottom of the sock.

Cast off using Kitchener stitch.




Now you are finished! Please link you project on ravelry and show off your new pair! :)