episode 15 – eye love it!

Welcome to the a crafting experiment podcast and episode number 15. I hope you like it!

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Recently Finished:
Stora Spetskragen by Karin Ivarsson
Orion’s Nebula by Heatherly Walker
Pokémon Socks in London House Yarns.

What I’m Working on:
Moto Jacket by Hannah Fettig in Silke Tweed.
Eyeball Shawl by Stephen West
Crochet Blanket, tutorial here. I chained 317 on a 4 mm hook and made a magic cake with my yarn.
I’m still hosting a MKAL for advent, so far there is 2 clues revealed. Swedish version here, and English version here.

This week my recommendation is to spice up your coffe!

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