episode 13 – halloween knitting

Hi and welcome to episode number 13 of my podcast about knitting, sewing and other crafts in Gotheburg, Sweden

Shownotes are in progress :)

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I got a new camera! So exciting!
I would also be so glad to hear a bit about you! Who are you? :)
Recently Finished:
Frost on Leaves hat
Visser mitts
Scout Tee

What I’m Working on:
Shirt for my boyfriend
Stora Spetskragen, Large Lace Collar from Bohus knitting (Bohus Stickning)
Building Blocks MKAL by Stephen West

Space Sock KAL with Candace. I think I’ll make Orion’s Nebula.
AniMAKEalong with Candace, I will make socks from Pokémon yarn.

I will also be hosting a MKAL this advent. It will primarily be in Swedish but if I have the time I will post the instructions in English too.

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