episode 11 – pants, dinosaurs and a lot of firsts

Hi and welcome to episode number 11 of my podcast about knitting, sewing and other crafts in Gotheburg, Sweden

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About  my week:
I had a bad week so me and my boyfriend went to my familys summer house in Närke.

Recently Finished:
I finished my Hemma socks, and put the design up on Ravelry and of course here on the blog.
I finished the Aisling Shawl by Justyna Lorkowska and the Born Naked by Julie Knits in Paris.

What I’m Working on:
I’m working on some Rose City Rollers and The Folded Squares Cardigan.


I made a bra from a pattern by dresslikeprincess on etsy, I almost finished a new Anna dress, and pants from Burda 6855.

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