episode9 summer recap!

Hi and welcome to episode number 9 of my podcast about knitting, spinning and other crafts in Gotheburg, Sweden

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About  my week:
It’s been a while since I last recorded and I talk about what I’ve done since, which basically means going to Scotland, my familys summer house and working.

Recently Finished:
I finished the knitting on my Ulli dress by Kristin Virén and the Georgetown Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.

What I’m Working on:
I talk about the Lyanna Socks (MKAL), Aisling Shawl, a second Redford Sweater, the Treccia Hat and a Bohus Knitting project called Stora Spetskragen.

Spinning and Weaving:
I received a Rigid Heddle Loom for my birthday last month.
My first project was a shawl with handspun yarn as the weft and magasin duett coast as the warp.
The second shawl is made of handdyed yarn, dyed with avocado pits and rhubarb leaves.
The third is made completely from Drops Cotton Viscose.

I also talk about joining Yarngasms Unicorn  KAL, and want to make Nilla the Unicorn.

I hope you enjoyed this episode!

I’d be really happy to hear from you! <3