episode8 – 2 fos!

Hello! This is episode number 8 of my podcast about knitting, spinning and general craftiness!

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About  my week:
I’ve been doing alot of knitting this week but no sewing! I had to put away my machine to make room for my drum carder.
What I’m wearing:
Azalea top by Pam Allen in 100% lin by magasin duett
Recently Finished:
I finished both the Nurmilintu by Heidi Alander, and a Lesley by Hannah Fettig!

What I’m Working on:
I haven’t worked on the Ulli Dress by Kristin Virén, since my hands needed a little rest, but I’m working on the Posh Blouse by Pickles.

I got crazy with blending fibers on both hand and drum carders this week! A the fibers I used are from stash and mostly generic “wool” from general craft stores, but I did ordered some new and exciting fibers from world of wool. Hoping they will get here before the next time I record!

I hope you enjoyed this episode!

I’d be really happy to hear from you! <3