Hi! This is episode number 6 of my podcast about knitting and general craftiness!

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About  my week:
I’m enjoying life and I’ll start work this weekend!

What I’m wearing:
I’m wearing my Stasis Pullover and I show another version I made – my Frozen sweater.

Recently Finished:
I finished a simple cowl with a homespun art yarn, and here are the two photos of the sweaters I showed you.
These are “Learn how to knit a

2016-04-14 18.51.48

2016-04-19 08.44.06

What I’m Working on:
I started my Sólja by Anna Maltz from Pom Pom #8

Stash enhancement:
I got a book and a kit from my dad who was in Riga in Latvia!

I spun the fibers from fondant fibre, and I made some art yarn. I basically youtubed a couple of tutorials and made up my own method from these :)

Other crafts:
I sewed a tshirt with a pattern I drew from an existing tshirt :) It turned out well but I’ having trouble with my necklines! Do you know what I could be doing differently?

Handdyeing/Shop update:
I might post tha update this week, but I’m not sure. Check out the shop here!