episode5 – i opened my etsy shop!

Hi and welcome to episode number 5 of my podcast about knitting and general craftiness!

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About  my week:
Alot has happened. I decided to take a break from school and my mom fell and broke her arm and shoulder.
And I opened my etsy shop!

What I’m wearing:
At least in the beginning, I’m wearing my own Exploration Station by Stephen West. Ravelry project here.

Recently Finished:
I have finished the Learn to Knit a Mens Sweater pattern by Staci Perry in the yarn Karisma from Drops. I just have the zipper left, which I’ll sew in with the help from a tutorial by PurlSoho.

I also finished three pairs of socks, all in handdyed yarn. I have a ravelry project for all the socks I knit this year. Link here.

What I’m Working on:
I have a few rows left on V for genser from pickles! I’m hoping go have Fredrik as a guest on the podcast next week, modeling it :)


Dream Project/Future Project:
I think I’ll start my Sólja by Anna Maltz this week, and probably a shawl of my own design from my own yarn!

Stash enhancement:
Fibers from fondant fibre, the Lettlopi for my Sòlja and some coast yarn. This is the same yarn but another brand.

I spun the fibers from fondant fibre!
Other crafts:
I’ve been sewing! The batman dress pattern is mesa by seamwork/colette and I don’t remember where I got the fabrics!

Handdyeing/Shop update:
I’ll be updating the shop this week! Check it out here!