Hi and welcome to the fourth episode of my podcast about knitting, spinning and sloyd in general

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About  my week:
These last weeks have mostly been about school, but over easter me, my boyfriend and my parents went up to our summer house in middle sweden. We went to Hallagården, where we also got to take a walk with alpacas.

What I’m wearing:
I’m not wearing anything handmade today.

Recently Finished:
I’ve worked on a lot of projects but nothing is completely finished.

What I’m Working on:
I have finished the knitting on the Learn to Knit a Mens Sweater pattern by Staci Perry in the yarn Karisma from Drops. I still have to sew one sleeve, block it and sew in the zipper.

I have cast on the Ulli dress in supersoft by magasin duett, here in the colour Purple Haze.

I misremembered the name! The bubble sweater is another pattern by pickles, and the one I’m working on is V for genser though it has alot of bubbles on it :)

I’m also knitting a tiny alpaca by Anna Hrachovec. It still needs legs and three more friends :)

Dream Project/Future Project:
I’m on my way out to pick up yarn for a Sólja by Anna Maltz, and I generated a pattern  from a band logo using stitch fiddle. My boyfriends bands facebookpage can be found here and here’s a link to their spotify :)


Stash enhancement:
Alpaca fluff from Titus and angora fluff in mint.


Other crafts:
I carved out a little bird which unfortunately cracked and I did some preparations for making alpacas. I also talked a bit about what you can think about when carving wood, but one very important thing I forgot to mention is that you always need to check what the law says about  choppingdown trees or taking wood in your country.
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