This is Siri. I knit her last year, partly on my way to and from Karlskrona where I want with my friends on a trip one weekend, so she’s got many happy memories between her stitches. Unfortunately the yarn is almost too soft so she hasn’t got the right structure I want and I needed to sew in a grosgrain ribbon. My first grosgrain ribbon. It’s not very nicely sewn but at least I can wear her now. She is very pretty so at least it’s worth it and I have a second one on the needles right now, but this time in better yarn but I’ll show that one when it’s finished! I hope it turns out better, this is such a disappointment.



She is a top down cardigan, knit on 4 mm needles and the buttons I found in my mothers drawer with old buttons.

Pattern: Siri by Linnéa Öhman (In english!)
Yarn: Unknown :(
Ravelry project page: Here