whiz palace



I’ve moved so of course I needed a sign on my bathroom door, so I saw this pattern on pinterest and threw it together. Now I’ve made a lot more cross stitch patterns, and I haven’t knit for maybe a week! Whats going on? The sign references an episode of Parks and Recreation.

2015-05-07 18.32.08


Another small cross stitch I made was for my dads’ 60th birthday in the middle of april. It’s a portrait of the family :)

I got my inspiration on pinterest but changed the clothes and hair to match us! I put it on some thick paper and made a nice card but I didn’t get the opportunity to take a good picture.

2015-04-13 18.04.06

fluffy swallowtail

I’ve had this lovely yarn lying around for ages. You know that skein that just screams BUY ME ¬†when you see it and you have no doubt in your mind that you just NEED it in your stash? This was one of those. And one of those who just lie there and you have no idea what to make of it. I found it while moving and felt a bit of guilty, since I noticed how much yarn I actually own and this was far too nice to sleep with the acrylics :s
I challenged myself to make something of it and I have to say that I think I succeeded. I chose the very popular Swallowtail Shawl, which is a free pattern on ravelry and it has over 11000 (!) projects at the moment and now after making it myself I can really see why. I really really enjoyed knitting this even though I’m not a super fan of nupps. It knit up very quickly and this might be the only pattern I have ever wanted to cast on a new the second I finished the first one! And you know what? I did too. But I haven’t had time to photograph that one yet so maybe you’ll see that another time or maybe never. Only time will tell. But for now let’s focus on the fluffy one.


The yarn I used was Pickles Silk Mohair in color Barbie, and you can find my project page here. It’s 80% mohair and 20% silk and I used 3,5 mm needles (us 4).
Since I am neither a lace nor mohair nor pink person I had no idea what to do with the finished shawl – it was only process knitting, but my mom gave me the idea to give it to my new neighbor (or well, I’m the new neighbor) who lives in the apartment below mine. Since my apartment was super gross when we bought it we had to do alot of renovating, especially in the bathroom with a lot of drilling and other loud machines, which might have disturbed this nice 80+ lady quite a bit, plus she seems to have the style to pull off a pink fluffy shawl so I think this is a perfect person to give it to, don’t you? :)