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I made a zombie! He’s a present for my mom.


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I think he looks a bit like RiffRaff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, doesn’t he? I found him in a book at my local library, Make Your Own Zombie by Fiona Goble, but When researching I also found the pattern online for free here! I really enjoyed the book and I’ve gone back to borrow it again but it is always lent out, which I totally understand. There are a couple of different monster/zombie patterns in the book, and some tips on how you can match the different pieces to create even more cute little monsters!

They are also made with (if you want to, of course) buttons and velcro so that if you’re really angry and need to take it out on something you can rip this little guy apart! I was thinking of making his clothes in red christmas but I didn’t have the time, but maybe next (well.. actually this) year. I’d really love another zombie santa. Zombie Claus!
Here are some more pictures!


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What do you think? Would you knit a zombie?