One of the knitting related christmas presents I got was a membership in Koftan & Eddys Garn- och Sjalklubb, which is a collaboration between two swedish bloggers and knitwear designers/yarn dyers. In this membership you get four packages during the year, all of them with exclusive hand dyed yarns and new patterns of some kind of shawl or scarf. The first package was scheduled just around christmas to make it perfect to give away (or receive hehe…). You could choose between two different color scales, “sober” or “sprallig” and I got “sober”.
(At this point I’d like to point out that the swedish word “sober” does not mean the same thing as the english one. In swedish it’s more like subdued in a tasteful way. An online dictionary translates it to austere. “Sprallig” translates to effervescent or frisky.)


The first shawl is one with a winter theme, Vintra. It’s made with a beautiful dark ink blue baby alpacka which feels like petting clouds, and the details are in 100% silk. It also included some beads in a cute box, fishing line for placing them and a piece of super-tasty chocolate *-*
I used 4 mm needles and it knit up pretty quickly, two or three days. The pattern will be up for purchase in 6 months at the ravelry page and here is my project page.
I think I will be using this like the last picture shows, when it gets a bit warmer since it’s almost too wide to just have thrown over your shoulders.

How would you wear it?