metallic glitter

In December, the Knitmore Girls had a drive on instagram that they called “25 days of enabling” where they collaborated with alot of different etsy and webshops and had great deals on knitting (and spinning) related stuff every day ’til christmas.

This is where I found what I believe could be the most perfect yarn made. At least right now, when I’m in a very glittery period. The yarn was this silver and gold glittering self-striping sock yarn with 84% sw merino, and the rest sparkly nylon. The most amazing thing with this yarn is that it’s gold glitter on the gold parts, and silver glitter on the silver parts. How do you even spin or dye that?!
I actually don’t remember what the deal was, but I woudn’t have cared if I had to pay full price. And another great thing is that I have about 40 grams left.

The yarn is In My Element by Turtlepurl Yarns.

The yarn was delivered in two small skeins so the striping would match on both socks


Look at that glittery goodness!



I was taught not to photograph in direct sunlight but maybe this is where I should have made an exception to the rule. It looked so pretty with the glittering snow together with the socks, but I still like the picture even though it doesn’t come through!


Speaking of the Knitmore Girls! I really really enjoy their podcast. It’s a mother and daughter, and sometimes even the granddaughter gets a word in the end, and they have a very interesting, funny and informative podcast about mostly knitting, but also some sewing and spinning. Like with every podcast out there you might need a few episodes to get their dynamic and get to know them but when you do it’s like they’re some of your closest friends. They put out new episodes every week and have good audio quality (if you are like me and care about that ;) ).