a new year, a new effort

Happy new year!

With all the christmas knitting and other holiday stuff out of my way I have much more time for fun knitting (’cause you know… christmas knitting…) and this blog in progress!
I’m planning to post the presents as I feel like it but I’m not sure I got good pictures of everything I made or really – of ANYTHING since winter is pretty dark up here i Scandinavia and we don’t have a lot of daylight. All the presents will be tagged using the christmas present tag.

This last time after christmas and after new year I’ve spent most of my time with netflix and knitting, and I guess that’s what I’ll be doing, except for the occasional coffee with a friend, until january 19, when school starts. I’ve finished the knitting on my Siri, knitted in my in ear headphones (now they don’t tangle! Yay!) and picked up a project I started in september. This project gave me a lot of headaches when I started it but now that I really put my mind to it I figured it out. At least I think I did. It’s a slow project with many parts and a gazillion ends to weave in but it’s going to be finished. Soon. We’ll see, and I’ll keep you posted!