hat day

Right now I’m in the middle of Christmas knitting, and I’ve been feeling the stress creeping up on me this last week. Even though I might be able to finish all my planned projects – they don’t really excite me, but I’ll try to do a couple more. I know that it will be worth it when I see my family opening their presents on Christmas Eve. I just know it. *trying to convince myself*
The present that worries me is the one for my dad. Even though it’s easier to knit for him than to buy something I’m really blanking. I made him a hat, but he got that one for father’s day and I don’t want to give him another one just 1½ month later. I’m thinking of mittens but I haven’t found The Pattern. They are either too embellished or too plain, and it feels like I’ve been looking through all of ravelry.

Anyway. I’m in a knitting group on facebook that arranges online “knitting cafés” every sunday and yesterday the theme was hats, because apparently it was the International Hat Day. Since I planned on making another of the hat I made for father’s day, but this time for my uncle this was a great opportunity to get started.
The pattern is called Blue Star Beanie and the first one I made from the first yarn I ever made and some reflecting thread. This time I’m making it from a yarn I actually found on ebay (this might be a topic for another post) with merino, if I recall it correcly, and using bamboo needles in 3,5 mm.
I really enjoy this pattern. It looks good and it’s logical and easy to remember. It knits up fairly quickly, at least if you don’t use uneven homespun and have a good cable needle (this might go without saying for most people but it took me a while to understand that mine had a snag…).


This is the hat made from the homespun!


Also, what’s that paper thingie around the yarn called in english?